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31.08 - 03.09.2023



Who We Are


In late 2021, the Singapore Chinese Music Federation decided to form a council of young artists and musicians in Singapore that could represent the voices of the youth and create programmes and projects that could further enhance the promotion and love of Chinese music to the younger generation. 

A subsidiary of the Singapore Chinese Music Federation, the Youth Chapter aims to provide ways to introduce and promote Chinese music to the younger generation and to give young artists a platform to be heard, empowered and to be the agents of change. These young leaders will also be in charge of leading and conceptualizing productions or programmes that target the younger generation and raise awareness of Chinese music through innovative means. The Youth Chapter hopes to create a community for the younger generation to connect with other enthusiasts and more experienced musicians, while cultivating a sense of belonging. This includes building relationships, learning from each other, and exploring different forms of music making together.

About the Camp


In conceptualizing the Music Camp, the members of the Youth Chapter had looked back upon their own musical experiences and memories as students. As local musicians and Chinese music artists from Generation Y (or the Millennial Generation), they had experienced a musical journey that had seen many of them and their peers actively participating in school and community Chinese orchestras and attending concerts by these Chinese orchestras, with many having a great amount of passion for Chinese music and the desire to pursue further development in their musicianship. The Music Camp draws inspiration from a common experience of many of the members of the Youth Chapter – the past National Chinese Orchestra Music Camps organized by the Ministry of Education. In these camps, students from different schools came together to learn and make music together, culminating in a music concert.


This iteration of SCMF’s Music Camp similarly aims to be a platform for students from various schools and backgrounds to interact and make music together. Participants will come together to form an orchestra led by Moses Gay, Associate Conductor of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and tutored by a faculty of Singaporean artists.

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31.08.2023, Thu

3.30pm - 9.15pm | Singapore Conference Hall

  • Camp opening and icebreakers 

  • Sectional, guzheng ensemble & full orchestra practice 

Meal: Dinner

01.09.2023, Fri

8.45am - 6.30pm | Singapore Conference Hall

  • Music and Movement workshop 

  • Sectional, guzheng ensemble & full orchestra practice 

  • Instrument workshop 

Meals: Lunch, tea break

02.09.2023, Sat

8.45am - 6.30pm | Singapore Conference Hall

  • Sectional, guzheng ensemble & full orchestra practice 

  • Panel discussion on education and career pathways in music

Meals: Lunch, tea break

03.09.2023, Sun

1.15pm - 9pm | Singapore Conference Hall

  • Rehearsal

  • Concert

    • Symphonic Floras | Composed by Phang Kok Jun

    • Kreta Ayer | Composed by Liong Kit Yeng

    • Dance of the Yao Tribe | Composed by Liu Tieshan, Mao Yuan, arranged by Peng Xiu Wen

    • Battling a Typhoon|Composed by Wang Chang Yuan 

    • Moonlight in the City|Composed by Chen Jia Ming, arranged by Johnny Chia

Meals: Tea break, dinner

Image by Noita Digital


Moses Gay Conductor-min.jpeg

Moses Gay


Leah Lo Ruan.JPG

Leah Lo


Jacky Ng Suona.JPG

Jacky Ng


Chek Yui Hong Speaker .jpeg

Chek Yui Hong


Darrel Xin Erhu.jpg

Darrel Xin


Patrick Ngo Yangqin.jpg

Patrick Ngo


Yin Qun Guzheng.JPG

Yin Qun


Phang Kok Jun Speaker .jpg

Phang Kok Jun


Gerald Teo Cello .jpg

Gerald Teo


Vincent Tan Sheng.jpg

Vincent Tan


Cheong Kah Yiong Percussion.jpg

Cheong Kah Yiong


Yang Jiwei Speaker.jpg

Yang Jiwei


Gildon Choo Pipa.JPG

Gildon Choo


Ng Hsien Han Diz.jpeg

Ng Hsien Han


Derek Koh Music and Movement.JPG

Derek Koh

Music & Movement

Our Faculty


  • Application Process
    This camp is open to all musicians aged 10 to 21 who play an instrument in a Chinese Orchestra or Guzheng Ensemble. Parental consent must be obtained for candidates below 18 years old. Musicians who are keen to take part in this camp will be required to undergo an audition process as stated below. Successful applicants will be notified by email, upon which payment of SGD 50 for the camp must be made before the candidate’s participation in the camp can be confirmed. Digital copies of the part scores for the music camp will be sent by email before commencement of the camp. Hard copy scores will be provided during the camp. Please note that some scores provided may be in Western stave notation.
  • Audition Requirements
    All applicants are to submit the following for consideration: A completed application form A video recording of : ONE choice piece of no more than 3 minutes long and ONE test excerpt from the orchestral piece 《Kreta Ayer》or guzheng piece 《Battling the Typhoon》(submitted via the Application Form) Selection of Solo Excerpt: The choice piece should showcase the applicant’s musical and technical proficiency. Applicants should only record selected excerpts if the choice piece is too long. If the video recording exceeds the stated duration of 3 minutes, only the first 3 minutes will be assessed. Test Excerpt: The scores for the test excerpt will be available here. Please download the scores according to the instrument/s which you will be applying for. The video recording should fulfill the following criteria: The following must be clearly visible in the video recording, and not be obstructed by any objects (e.g. music stands): Applicant’s face and full body. Applicant’s posture when playing the instrument (e.g. fingers, hands, arms, whole instrument) The minimum resolution of the video recording should be 720p. The recording should be done using the rear camera of a smartphone or tablet. Mirrored videos are not accepted. The video recording should be authentic and must not be edited in any way. Verbal introductions and instrumental accompaniment are not required. The choice piece and test excerpt may be submitted either as a single video or as two individual videos. Acceptable file formats: .MP4, .M4V, .AVI, .FLV, .MOV File name: Instrument_Applicant’s Full Name The video recording should be uploaded on an online platform (e.g. YouTube, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) and made accessible until 31 August 2023. File-sharing platforms (e.g. Google Drive): Ensure file-sharing permissions are set appropriately (e.g. “Public” or “Anyone with the link”). YouTube: Set video to “Unlisted”. Applicants whose video recordings do not meet the above requirements will not be considered. Submission of Application Submit your application here by 23.07.2023.
  • Test Excerpt Download
    Test Excerpt: The scores for the test excerpt will be available here. Please download the scores according to the instrument/s which you will be applying for.
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