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A subsidiary of the Singapore Chinese Music Federation, the Youth Chapter aims to provide ways to introduce and promote Chinese music to the younger generation and to give young artists a platform to be heard, empowered and to be the agents of change. These young leaders will also be in charge of leading and conceptualizing productions or programmes that target the younger generation and raise awareness of Chinese music through innovative means. The Youth Chapter hopes to create a community for the younger generation to connect with other enthusiasts and more experienced musicians, while cultivating a sense of belonging. This includes building relationships, learning from each other, and exploring different forms of music making together.

With the pervasiveness of digital media in the current climate, the Youth Chapter also hopes to tap on digital social media platforms to connect and communicate with the younger generation by means of Instagram, Discord, Telegram, and WeChat . Future plans also include a quarterly e-publication to share knowledge about Chinese music in both educational and engaging ways.

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