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Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play

by Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Conductor: Tsung Yeh
Electric fretless bass, piano and trombone: Chris Brubeck
Guitar: Joel Brown
Harmonica: Peter Madcat Ruth

Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play combines jazz with Chinese orchestral music, featuring Chris Brubeck on the electric fretless bass, piano and trombone, Joel Brown on the guitar, and Peter Madcat Ruth completes the combination with the Harmonica. This album includes Koto Song, Blue Suites for Harmonica and Orchestra, Polly, Unsquare Dance, I Feel So Bad, Variations on Themes by Bach, Take Five, Crossroads, Blue Rondo a la Turk and New Stew, Opus 2.



by Samuel Wong Shengmiao


‘QI – An Instrumental guide to the Chinese Orchestra’ was published in 2005 to explain the different Chinese orchestral instruments’ makes, history, repertoire and spirit; providing a valuable source of information for Chinese music beginners and professionals alike.


Featuring fully stylised photographs of Chinese instruments and their techniques, listings of renowned recent repertoire and performers, a comprehensive index section and more, the book will offer a discovery for the beginner, a support for a practitioner and an insight for an established Chinese musician.

The book’s first print-run has sold out, and has been sold internationally to Olso, New York, Tokyo, London, Beijing among other worldwide destinations. The book is currently on its second reprint edition.



八 Eight

by the TENG Ensemble

Celebrating The TENG Company’s eighth anniversary, The TENG Ensemble’s debut album 八 Eight features eight tracks that draw references to diverse music styles and various genres of popular music such as film, TV, anime, electronica and soft rock. The album is currently retailing at major record stores such as HMV, CD Rama and That CD Shop, as well as on digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

The critically-acclaimed TENG Ensemble presents the new sound of Chinese instruments through musical experimentation. The 8-member ensemble re-invents familiar Chinese instrumental music by blending it with modern influences, to broaden the appeal of Chinese music and take it beyond cultural boundaries. Since their inception in 2005, they have been invited to perform at prestigious events such as the Gastech 2015 Singapore Launch in Seoul, Youth Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, 5th ASEAN Culture & Arts Ministerial Meeting, Business China Awards Dinners, 11th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, 20th World Orchid Conference, Gardens By the Bay 1st Anniversary Celebrations, Esplanade’s National Day Celebrations, Singapore HeritageFest and Singapore Night Festival, among many others.




Treasures of Japan

by Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Conductor: Tsung Yeh
Shakuhachi: Yamamoto Hozan, Yamamoto Shinzan
Taiko: Eitetsu Hayashi

Treasures of Japan features three Japanese masters on the shakuhachi and taiko. This album, rich in Japanese flavour and zen, includes Japanese composer Isao Matsushita’s Hi-Ten-Yu and Dance of Firmament, with famous Chinese composer Zhao Ji Ping’s magnificent piece Monk Jianzhen Sailing Eastward. This concert was staged by the SCO on 17 April 2009.


Essence of SCO

by Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Essence of SCO is a collection of SCO’s best music, specially selected from the past albums. This 2-CD album consists of SCO classic repertoire such as The Celestial Web by Tan Swie Hian (poem) and Law Wai Lun (music), the famous The Great Wall Capriccio by Liu Wen Jin, and jazz numbers – Take Five and Koto Song – by Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play.


Charms of Nanyang

by Singapore Chinese Orchestra


Conductor: Tsung Yeh
Sheng: Guo Chang Suo


Charms of Nanyang is a 2-CD collection of the six winning compositions from the Singapore International Composition Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition 2006. Brimming with a unique local flavour, this album brings you an audio feast of Nanyang Inspired Chinese orchestral works. The 6 winning compositions featured in this album are Tapestries I – Time Dances by Eric Watson, Izpirazione II by Simon Kong Su Leong, Buka Panggung by Yii Kah Hoe, Admiral of the Seven Seas by Law Wai Lun, Volcanicity by Tang Lok Yin and The Sisters’ Island by Wang Chenwei.


The Fire Phoenix

by Ding Yi Music Company

Ding Yi Music Company is proud to debut our first Chinese chamber music album in 2011 titled “Fire Phoenix”. It is a compilation of traditional and contemporary works as well as our commissioned works from Mr Wang Chen Wei’s “Confluence”, and our consultant, Mr Eric James Watsons’s “Pearl”.

Repertoire 曲目

Confluence 《融》
The Peony Pavilion 《姹紫嫣红》
The Brahmin 《婆罗门引》
Ji Ji Ru Ling 《急急如令》
Pearls 《珍珠》
Farewell at Yang Guan 《阳关三叠》
Fire Phoenix 《火凤》


Price: $18 (Please call +65 6345 9908 or email to purchase the CD.)


Flavours of Scotland – Go Celtic LIVE!

by Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Conductor: Tsung Yeh
Celtic Fiddle: Chris Stout
English Concertina: Alistair Anderson


Flavours of Scotland – Go Celtic LIVE! is a live recording of SCO’s successful concert of the same name which features celtic ddler, Chris Stout, and English concertina artiste, Alistair Anderson. The repertoires of this album mainly utilises Scottish folk songs, while SCO gives a unique touch with its orchestration. This album includes Amazing Grace, Synergy, Fiddlers Free and the First, Third and Fourth Movement from Four Scottish Dances.


The Oriental Moon

by Liang Wen Fu

The Oriental Moon is a compilation of Dr. Liang W.F.’s earlier works rearranged for Chinese Orchestras. Some of the songs included are ‘Sitting in Rows’ that exhibits a style of child-like innocence, the cheerful ‘One Step at a Time’, ‘New Clothes and Old Clothes’ with a sense of warmth, the melodious ‘Who is on your Mind’ as well as the mellow ‘Blushing Blooms’. Also not forgetting ‘Singapore Pie’, the track has been remixed into a contemporary upbeat track, making it a more modern adaptation of the usual hit.

Repertoire 曲目

Run River Run: The Overture – 1992 《赤道河水谣:序曲》
Friends Forever 《细水长流》
Singapore Pie 《新加坡派》
Devotion 《倔强》
Who is on Your Mind 《亲亲你念着谁》
Love beyond Time 《爱你一生嫌不够》
Sister or Lover 《你究竟有几个好妹妹》
First Love 《初步》
New Clothes and Old Clothes 《新衣哪有旧衣好》
Sitting in Rows《11 排排坐》
One Step at a Time 《一不一不来》
The Sparrow with a Bamboo Twig 《麻雀街竹枝》
Blushing Blooms《羞答答的玫瑰静悄悄地开》
Passage of Time 《岁月行》
Moon Struck 《月满抱佳人》
Run River Run: The Finale 《赤道河水谣:完结》


Price: $20
(Please call +65 6345 9908 or email to purchase the CD.)

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