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20/08 - 10/09



Singapore Qinzheng Association

9.9.2023 (Sat), 3pm | Free Admission 免费入场
SCH Exhibition Hall 新加坡大会堂展览厅

The guzheng is one of the oldest traditional musical instruments in China, with a history that dates back over 2,000 years. Through its historical development, Guzheng has emerged into different styles, mainly influenced by regional and linguistic cultures.


The Shandong style is one of the most significant traditional styles of guzheng. It is mainly popular in the southwestern region of Shandong, including the Heze area, and the Liaocheng area in the western part of the province. It has a certain historical connection with the Shandong Qinshu. The repertoire of Shandong style is diverse and can be divided into two major categories: "da ban zheng qu" and "xiao ban zheng qu". The "da ban zheng qu" represents a series of guzheng pieces developed in the structure of the sixty-eight-bars format, originated from the ensemble piece known as "peng ba ban." The main source of "xiao ban zheng qu" are from the vocal and tune patterns of Shandong Qinshu.

Mdm Yin Qun will provide an overview of the formation and development of the Shandong style of Guzheng, alongside her students, Yvonne Tay and Chen Indra, in presenting representative pieces of the Shandong style of Guzheng.

12.《山东筝曲的音乐传承》琴筝学会_主讲人Keynote Speaker_尹群Yin Qun.JPG

尹群 Yin Qun

主讲人 Keynote Speaker

12.《山东筝曲的音乐传承》琴筝学会_演奏者Musician_古筝Guzheng_郑怡雯Yvonne Tay.JPG

郑怡雯 Yvonne Tay

演奏者 Musician

12.《山东筝曲的音乐传承》琴筝学会_演奏者Musician_古筝Guzheng_陈善汇Chen Indra Guzheng.JPG

陈善汇 Chen Indra

演奏者 Musician


Yin Qun, President of Singapore Qinzheng Association and member of Singapore Chinese Music Federation. In 1987, Yin Qun graduated from Xi'an Conservatory of Music and stayed on as a faculty lecturer. During her time at the conservatory, Yin Qun studied under the guidance of Qin style master, Professor Zhou Yanjia and Qilu style master, Professor Gao Zicheng. Later, Yin Qun also benefited from the teaching by renowned professors such as Guo Ying, He Baoquan, Sun Wenyan, Chen Anhua, Su Qiaozheng, and Qu Yun, integrating the strengths of each style of Guzheng. In 1986, Yin Qun won first place in the "First Shaanxi Qinzheng Competition." In 1987, she received the second prize in the "Guangdong Music Competition," and in 1989, she won first prize in the Chinese "Shancheng Cup" Ethnic Instrumental Music Competition. In 1998, Yin Qun successfully held a solo concert in Singapore, premiering works such as "Tide", "Rural Melody", "Children of the Mountains'', "Reflections of Huangling", and "Shuo Feng Sha". She has also released multiple guzheng CDs and published the "Youth Guzheng Tutorial" and other works. During her time in Singapore, Yin Qun was invited to participate in events such as the Taipei Arts Festival, Singapore Chinese Orchestra's "Zheng Ming'' concert, Ding Yi Music Company’s Wang Jianmin's works concert, Shaanxi Cultural Week's Xi'an Ancient Music Concert, Shaanxi Qinzheng Society's Centennial Memorial Concert for Mr. Gao Zicheng's Birth, as well as the China Conservatory of Music's International Youth Chamber Orchestra's dedicated concert.


In 2021, during the pandemic, Yin Qun recorded fourteen guzheng pieces of Chinese and foreign works with the sponsor of the National Arts Council of Singapore and released them for the first time on YouTube.


In the field of guzheng teaching, Yin Qun have achieved significant results, and many of her students have won numerous awards in local and international Chinese music competitions, making significant contributions to the development of Chinese guzheng art overseas.


Yvonne Tay, a recipient of the prestigious National Arts Council (NAC) Arts Scholarship (Undergraduate) 2015, Yvonne Tay is currently the full-time guzheng musician of Ding Yi Music Company and co-founder of Z3nith Ensemble, a trio comprising of guzheng graduates from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Under the tutelage of Mdm Yin Qun, Yvonne was awarded the Best graduate and graduated with Bachelors of Music (First Class Honours) conferred by the Royal College of Music (RCM) in 2017. She is currently the Secretary-General of Singapore Qinzheng Association.


Yvonne, being a highly active and sought-after Guzheng performer in the scene, has participated in many performances over the years, both locally and overseas. In March 2022, Yvonne challenged herself as an Artistic Director and successfully produced and staged a multisensory concert of music and gastronomy, titled “Music Kneads”. In the same year, she local premiered the symphony orchestra version of Ru Shi, with Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, Yvonne was invited to London, to stage a solo recital by the Royal College of Music. In June 2013 and April 2018, she staged sold-out joint soloist recitals, Proteges of Brilliance, and Onwards, which were very well-received by the audience. Besides performing locally and overseas, Yvonne was frequently invited as a recording soloist.


An award-winning guzheng musician, Yvonne has participated in many performances over the years, both locally and overseas. As an educator, Yvonne has been invited as a guest lecturer at conservatories in Singapore and Germany. She was also frequently invited as a speaker for a talk held by Singapore Chinese Music Federation and adjudicator for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Chinese Music (Guzheng) Year-End Examination 2021. Yvonne is currently the guzheng instructor of several guzheng ensembles in Singapore and adjunct lecturer of Singapore Raffles Music College.



Chen Indra started learning Guzheng at the age of 9, under the guidance of Mdm Chen Hui Lan and Mdm Zhang Lu Fen. She is currently under the tutelage of Guzheng instructor, Madam Yin Qun. She graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2015 with a Bachelor of Music with Honours, in partnership with the Royal College of Music. She was a recipient of the OCBC’s Local Undergraduate Scholarship during the two years of her Bachelor’s degree programme. In Jan 2023, she obtained her Masters in Education (Music) from the National Institute of Education (NTU).


Indra is currently a Junior Music Teacher teaching guzheng at NAFA School of Young Talents. She is also a guzheng instructor of local schools’ ensembles such as Dunman High School, New Town Secondary School and Victoria Junior College. She has conducted music guzheng workshops at the Temasek Junior College Music Elective Programme students as well as Lasalle College of the Arts for the composition faculty. Indra currently serves the role of the Assistant Secretary General of the Singapore Qinzheng Association.

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