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20/08 - 10/09


《百弦争鸣》扬琴重奏音乐会Hundred Strings Resonance

Singapore Yangqin Society

3.9.2023 (Sun),7.30pm
China Cultural Centre Theatre 中国文化中心剧场

The Singapore Chinese Music Festival 2023- Yangqin Concert is presented by the Singapore Yangqin Society and the Teck Ghee community Club Yangqin Ensemble. The wonderful performance of the children was praised by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and everyone in the audience!

"Hundred Strings Resonance" is a Yangqin ensemble concert. Playing together is better than playing alone! The concert was composed and performed by the instructors and students of the society. There are Nanyang, traditional, and modern works in various combinations. The form is lively, the repertoire is prosperous, and the performance is wonderful! It is intended to provide a stage for our young generations in Singapore to showcase their talents!

曲目 Programme

扬琴小合奏《扑蝴蝶》|魏砚铭 编曲


Peng Chen Yu 彭晨語 、 Natalie Ang Jia En 洪佳恩 、 Kher Swee Boon 郭睿文、

Bobby 种星复德 Zhong Xingfude、Daniel 种星星磊 Zhong Xingxinglei ,Aura Jain 吴密、Wei Shengjia 魏圣珈


梁善臻 Leong Sin Jun 、吴佳融,Jarol Goh

扬琴重奏《掀起你的盖头来》|赵俊毅 改编


扬琴 I - Carrie Goh 吳沁萦

扬琴 II - Foo Wenwei Athena 符文蔚 、Ansley Avery Tay 郑雯心

扬琴 III - Qiang Jiale 羌嘉乐
扬琴 IV
 - Katelynn Ng Se Gia 黄思嘉 、Chew Yi Ying 周依莹

扬琴 V - Foo Wenxuan Alina 符文萱

琴二重奏《云烟 》|陈传禹 作曲


Koh LiXin 许俐欣 、Lee Zhi Xuan 李芝萱

扬琴重奏《隆根舞曲》|庄莉娜 编曲


扬琴 I - Carrie Goh 吳沁萦、Foo Wenwei Athena 符文蔚 、Ansley Avery Tay 郑雯心

扬琴 II - Qiang Jiale 羌嘉乐、Chew Yi Ying 周依莹
扬琴 III - Katelynn Ng Se Gia 黄思嘉、Foo Wenxuan Alina 符文萱



扬琴重奏 《梦幻琴缘》世界首演|吴立志 作曲、李芝萱 编曲


扬琴 I - Lee Zhi Xuan 李芝萱、Wang Hew Gwen 黄晓筠

扬琴 II - Chuah Qi Xian Janel 蔡其贤、Fang Lebin 方乐斌

扬琴 III - Aklen Chua Wee Kai 蔡伟凯、Ngiam Heng Ruei 严兴睿



扬琴重奏《追逐 》新加坡首演|马欢 作曲


扬琴 I - KohLiXin 许俐欣
扬琴 II - Lee Zhi Xuan 李芝萱

扬琴 III - 张乐乐ChangLeLe

扬琴 IV - 陈萱颖 Chen Xuan Ying、楊沁恩 Keira Yeo



扬琴重奏《小猫钓鱼》|魏砚铭 作曲,张俠 编曲

               《梦境南洋》|魏砚铭,史玥 作曲


扬琴 I - 陈萱颖 Chen Xuan Ying、赵彬晰 Zhao binxi

扬琴 II - 张乐乐 Chang Le Le、郭睿文 Kher Swee Boon

扬琴 III - 楊沁恩 Keira Yeo、Kher Hock Sheng 郭福绅

扬琴 IV - 许方宁 Nathania Koh、Wu Yutong 吴昱彤

扬琴 V - 梁善臻 Leong Sin Jun、吴佳融 Jarol Goh

大合奏《Chan Mali Chan》|魏砚铭 编曲

全体演奏员|指挥 :魏砚铭

Programme is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.

1_5_Speaker - Yangqin - Wei Yan Ming.jpeg


Prof Wei Yanming

指挥 Conductor


Professor Wei Yanming (Master Tutor) used to be the director of the plucking teaching and research section of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, the art director of the Singapore Lion City Chinese Orchestra, and the conductor of the National University Chinese Orchestra. He is currently a professor at the Singapore Raffles Music College, Director and conductor of the Chinese Orchestra. Lai Yin. Nanyi Yangqin instructor, conductor of Chinese orchestras such as Overseas Chinese Junior College. Chairman of the Singapore Yangqin Society, Director of the Chinese Music Association, Vice Chairman of the Asian Music Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Yangqin Course for the National University of Singapore (NUS), Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Yangqin Course for the China Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guest Conductor of the China Chenxing Chinese Orchestra, signed with Aiyi musician.

The thesis "Barehand Exercises" and "Development of Yangqin Teaching Aids" won the "National Conservatory of Music Excellent Teaching Achievement Award" and "Invention and Development of Multiple Yangqin New Techniques" won the honorary certificate of the first China Yangqin Symposium. The music "Thinking" won the Lu Xun Literature and Art Excellence Award, China Central Radio's national excellent folk music works were broadcast, and the ensemble "Three Character Classic" and "Dream of Nanyang" won the best prize in the competition. Recorded yangqin teaching video for Aiyi Academy. Invited to give lectures in many conservatories. The Yangqin solo "Jiang Xue" of Tianjin Chinese Orchestra <Famous Artists Concert> has served as judges and lectures of international competitions for many times. He has served as the conductor of Singapore and Malaysia Chinese music camps for many times, and composed "Elegy", "Dreamland Nanyang" and "Nursery Rhymes" for the Singapore Syf School Orchestra, all of which won gold medals. Achievement collection | Recorded in <Dictionary of Chinese Experts and Celebrities>

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