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01/09 - 30/09



Ruanxian Association of Singapore


Senior Minister of State Sim Ann

26.9.2021 (Sun)


SCO Concert Hall

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Mist and Cloud Over River Xiao Xiang | 古曲 / 罗伟伦 编曲


Touch | 翁楷凌 , 朱伟康, 罗彩霞 作曲 / 词 : 翁楷凌, 任懿

Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water | 古曲 / 骆思卫 编曲

Metamorphosis | 许文俊 作曲 


Indifferent | MUSA 作曲 


Swan | 刘德海 作曲 / 罗伟伦 编曲


Confluence | 王辰威 作曲 

Programme is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.

Ruanxian Association of Singapore

Established in 2021, Ruanxian Association of Singapore is dedicated to promote, popularise, innovate and communicate . As part of music education, the association will also be organising performance trainings for passionate learners.  Encouraging further improvements of the professional players and enriching musicians with deeper knowledge are equally significant to popularising the art as well as grooming local professionals. The multicultural environment has also allowed the association to be able to explore and discover a bigger variety of forms and styles for Ruan compositions, establishing an array of local works. In addition to having the merit of being a local ensemble, the Ruanxian Association of Singapore will also be doing diversified performances via different media, reaching out to people from different parts of the world. While strengthening the professionals locally, the association will also be playing the critical role of communication such as creating overseas performance opportunities, fostering collaborations and ultimately, aiming to produce a bountiful and vast stage.

Ruan: Tan Su-Min Clara ,Lo Chai Xia, Ngeow Si Ming Jonathan, Koh Min Hui, Cheng Tzu-ting, Stella Tan Hwee Kng, Hoo Yin Huin, Neil Chua, Sum Yuheng, Wong Wai Kit, Ang Zhi Wei Kelvin, Zou Yufan, Ng Zi Yu Lynn, Wu Zhuoxin, Ewan Wijaya, Isaac Chow, Tan XuanQi Arin

Ruan / Voice: Lo Chai Xia

Guzheng: Yvonne Tay, Tan Su-Hui, Sophy

Di Xiao: Zeng Zhi

Guitar / Voice: Jeremy Koh Zhi Lin

Yangqin: Tan Jie Qing

Cello: Chee Jun Sian

Bass: Chee Jun Hong

Percussion: Cheong Kah Yiong, Govin Tan Guo Jun

COVID-19 Advisory Measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all staff, performers and audience. This includes but not limited to wearing a mask at all times for all, hand sanitization before and after performance, temperature taking, TraceTogether check-in and observance of social distancing around the concert venue. Failure to comply will result in refusal of entry into the venue.

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