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20/08 - 10/09


扬琴讲座 Yangqin Workshops :【新加坡扬琴学会名师讲座】

Singapore Yangqin Society

25.8.2023 (Fri), 7pm | Free Admission 免费入场
China Cultural Centre Libary 中国文化中心图书馆







Professor Wei Yanming (Master Tutor) used to be the director of the plucking teaching and research section of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, the art director of the Singapore Lion City Chinese Orchestra, and the conductor of the National University Chinese Orchestra. He is currently a professor at the Singapore Raffles Music College, Director and conductor of the Chinese Orchestra. Lai Yin. Nanyi Yangqin instructor, conductor of Chinese orchestras such as Overseas Chinese Junior College. Chairman of the Singapore Yangqin Society, Director of the Chinese Music Association, Vice Chairman of the Asian Music Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Yangqin Course for the National University of Singapore (NUS), Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Yangqin Course for the China Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guest Conductor of the China Chenxing Chinese Orchestra, signed with Aiyi musician.

The thesis "Barehand Exercises" and "Development of Yangqin Teaching Aids" won the "National Conservatory of Music Excellent Teaching Achievement Award" and "Invention and Development of Multiple Yangqin New Techniques" won the honorary certificate of the first China Yangqin Symposium. The music "Thinking" won the Lu Xun Literature and Art Excellence Award, China Central Radio's national excellent folk music works were broadcast, and the ensemble "Three Character Classic" and "Dream of Nanyang" won the best prize in the competition. Recorded yangqin teaching video for Aiyi Academy. Invited to give lectures in many conservatories. The Yangqin solo "Jiang Xue" of Tianjin Chinese Orchestra <Famous Artists Concert> has served as judges and lectures of international competitions for many times. He has served as the conductor of Singapore and Malaysia Chinese music camps for many times, and composed "Elegy", "Dreamland Nanyang" and "Nursery Rhymes" for the Singapore Syf School Orchestra, all of which won gold medals. Achievement collection|Recorded in <Dictionary of Chinese Experts and Celebrities>

Ng Hee Sai came across Chinese orchestra in 1974 and started learning Yang Qin and Percussion. He is also one of the nine members when Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra was formed, growing together with the orchestra ever since. He has received a long service award of 45 years in 2019.

Mr. Ng is an outstanding Yang Qin and percussion musician. Besides attaining champion in the National Music Competition – Yang Qin open category in 1985, he had also led the Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra in achieving the championship in Ensemble including Best Performance Award for four consecutive years in 1987, 1989, 1991 and 1993, respectively.

Mr. Ng’s outstanding talent and performances have been recognised by many with invitations to participate in various music festivals in London, China, and Japan, including representing organisations such as Singapore Airlines, Silkair and Singapore Tourism Board to perform in overseas, promoting Chinese Orchestra and multi-national cultures.

Notwithstanding the above, Mr. Ng is also very active in cultivating the younger generations interest in Chinese Orchestra, encouraging them to take up Chinese instrumental examination, which not only improve individual’s skills; but also benefit in the overall school’s orchestra’s standard.

Numerous students had also won in the National Music Competition and attaining Yang Qin grade 8, 9 and even diploma certificates from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and NUS Centre for the Arts respectively.


Currently besides being a Yang Qin instructor with Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra, Mr. Ng is also CHinese Orchestra’s instructor for several primary and secondary schools.

Patrick Ngo Lik Tze is the music director of Truevine Music Classroom, founder of Singapore Yangqin ensemble group 吴立志扬琴艺术团,co-founder of Singapore Chinese Instrumental Fusion group : Nen念乐团, Secretary of Singapore Yangqin Society, a member of the Cimbalom World Association (CWA), a recipient of the NAC Arts Bursary (Overseas) and Lee Foundation Overseas Study Grant, an award winning Yangqin instrumentalist, the first home-grown Singaporean who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Yangqin (Major) / percussion (Minor) performing arts from the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing.

Currently as a yangqin/percussion educationalist in Raffles Girl’s School, Raffles Institution, Raffles Junior College, Tampines Meridian Junior College, Catholic High Primary, Elias Park Primary and Rosyth School in Singapore. Patrick is also a personal coach to award winning students in National Chinese Competition organised by National Arts Council as well as distinction students in Instrumental grading examinations organized by Nanyang academy of Fine Arts and Confucius Institute, NTU.

Ma Huan, born in Tianjin, China in 1983, began learning Yangqin at the age of 4. Over more than 30-plus years since then, she has participated in more than 100 performances, including those on Music Festivals and special events on invitation, and has expanded her expertise further to music composing and conducting. As a teacher of Yangqin, her students won awards in music competitions. As the Vice Chairperson of Singapore Yangqin Society, she established the first Yangqin band in Singapore. Following her passion for music, she constantly goes beyond herself to create more possibilities. On the road of music she never ever stops. Ma Huan continued to pursue a master’s degree in 2006, under the tutelage of Xiang Zuhua, and had the privilege of learning the Hungarian dulcimer from Ms. Viktoria Herencsar, the President of the International Yangqin Association. She was also employed by the Geely University Institute of Music and Dance as a Yangqin instructor. She was invited by the French Embassy to collaborate with the French Impressionist Orchestra on a large-scale project to critical acclaim.  In January 2007, Ma Huan went on a world tour to Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Egypt with Huaxia Chinese Orchestra as the Yangqin principal player. In July, she successfully held a series of “Yangqin Works of Xiang Zuhua Teacher Student” concerts with Xiang Zuhua in Inner Mongolia, China. In October, she was invited by the Hungarian Embassy to attend the Hungary Music Festival. Later on in January 2008, she participated with Huaxia Chinese Orchestra in the “Hold up the Sun of Tomorrow” national tour. In July, she accompanied Jin Tielin to represent her school by performing in the closing ceremony of the International Conference on Education in Italy. In October, she received the Bronze Award in the Modern Ensemble Category of the third National Traditional Instrumental Concert by the Arts Academy. In November, she participated in the National Grand Theater’s “Dialogue between Tradition and Modernity” special performance and “Famous Songs and Musicians” concert. After graduated in 2009, Ma Huan was employed as an instructor by the Chinese Opera Institute.  In 2010, she joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra as a Yangqin musician.  Even though she has played Yangqin for more than 20 years, Ma Huan is still constantly striving to improve her musical knowledge and develop her own unique style. During the five years working at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, she learned music composing from the famed Singapore local musician Weilun Luo and music conducting from local famed conductor Dr. Chaoji Zheng. In 2012 she was invited to become the Yangqin instructor and conductor assistant of the Music Camp organized by the Singapore Ministry of Education, where she also conducted musical performances. In January 2013 she held a concert named Silken Expression at Singapore Theatres on the Bay. In June the same year, she produced the ethnic orchestral music Lost. Then she talked on the workshop held by Music Composing Studio of Singapore Chinese Orchestra, whose band played this piece of works written by her. As a teacher, her student won second and third prizes of the Youth Group and Public Group respectively in the 2012 and 2014 Singapore National Music Instrumental Competition. As a music composer, she was commissioned by many schools to write music for the school orchestra. In 2015, she produced a piece of orchestra music with distinctive Singaporean characteristics entitled A Ditty of Nyonya, expressing her affection for Singapore. After being elected the Vice Chairperson of Singapore Yangqin  Association, she and Prof. Yanming Wei jointly set up the first Yangqin band in Singapore.  Today, Ma Huan continues perfecting herself on the music path of performing, teaching, composing and conduction. A musician as gifted and devoted as her,  more wonders are ahead to be created. 

Chng Lee Na, was admitted to the prestigious China Conservatory of Music ‘s Department of National Music in year 1996, majoring in the yangqin under Professor Xiang Zhu Hua, Gui Xi Li and Xu Xue Dong, minoring  in Guzheng and piano. In year 2000, she staged the Yang qin and  Guzheng Graduation Solo Concert in Beijing.

Since year 2002, she was the instructor of many primary and secondary schools’ Chinese orchestra in Singapore.She went to Switzerland,Beijing and Taiwan to perform in the World Cimbalom Association concert at 2003, 2005 and 2013.In 2008-2010, she become contract musician in Singapore Chinese Orchestra. In 2012 and 2016,she went to Hangzhou and Chang Sa,China to become the judge in the 1st and 3rd “China Yangqin Arts festival” competition.In 2019 and 2021, she and her students participated in the concerts organised by Singapore Yang qin association.In 2021, she also become the examiner of the Teng Chinese Music instrumental Grading Examinations.

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