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20/08 - 10/09


古琴琴弦的过去现在和未来 The Past, Present and Future of Guqin Strings

Guqin Association of Singapore

28.8.2023 (Mon), 2pm | Free Admission 免费入场
China Cultural Centre Theatre 中国文化中心剧场

It comprehensively tells the evolution of Guqin strings from the initial "Compounding strings and tung wood (Tóng Mù) as Qin", to the "outstanding and uniqueness" of steel strings 60 years ago, and to the current "hundred flowers blooming", looking forward to the future development of strings. Together with Mr. Shan Weilin, explore the principle and resolution of matching qin and string.

2.《古琴琴弦的过去现在和未来》古琴协会_主讲人Speaker_胡丹越Hu Danyue.jpg

胡丹越 Hu Danyue


Guqin master (string), Council member of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, Chairman of Shanghai Yuesheng Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. Cooperating with many music colleges, continuously improved the strings for Guzheng and Guqin used in folk music.

In August 2021, appointed as Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Xuhui Guqin Culture Research Center. On August 27, 2022, Director of Shanghai Xuhui Guqin Culture Research Center.

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