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20/08 - 10/09

11. 《乡情雅韵 湘灵与南华》 Tapestry of Traditions Siong Leng & Nam Hwa_湘灵音乐社Siong Leng Musical Assoc

// Siong Leng Musical Association


Tapestry of Traditions:
Siong Leng & Nam Hwa

Siong Leng Musical Association & Nam Hwa Opera

1.9.2023 (Fri), 7.30pm
SCCC Auditorium 新加坡华族文化中心表演厅

The new “SCMF COmmunity” series showcases the traditional music of Singaporean Chinese dialect groups. Building upon its Hokkien heritage, Siong Leng will present traditional and contemporary Nanyin pieces in the first half. The Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble, a subsidiary of Nam Hwa Opera, will present several traditional Teochew classics. Performing on authentic instruments like the Nanyin Pipa (lute) and Teochew Erxian (fiddle), the two ensembles embody the rich tapestry of traditions passed down through generations of Singaporean Chinese!

曲目 Programme



《走马》| 传统南音

Trotting Horses | Traditional Nanyin Piece


《悦》| 黄康淇 作曲

Happiness | Composed by Ng Kang Kee


《东方花园》| 丁马成 作词,卓圣翔 作曲,黄康淇 编曲

Garden of the East | Lyrics by Teng Mah Seng, composed by Zhuo Sheng Xiang, arranged by Ng Kang Kee


《心》| 黄康淇 作曲

Heart | Composed by Ng Kang Kee


《梅花》| 传统南音,黄康淇 编曲

Plum Blossoms | Traditional Nanyin Piece, arranged by Ng Kang Kee



Lion Playing with the Ball | Teochew Small Gongs and Drums

司鼓 Lead Drummer: 林子钊 Lim Zhi Chiaw

二弦领奏 Lead Erxian: 林勇俊 Lim Yong Jun


Joy above the Mountain | Guangdong Hanyue (Hakka Instrumental Music)

笛子领奏 Lead Dizi: 高海 Gao Hai

《挨书登楼》| 潮州细乐

Ascending | Teochew Xiyue (Refined Music)

琵琶领奏 Lead Pipa: 陈芝云 Chin Zhi Yun

《平沙落雁》| 潮州弦诗乐

Migration of the Geese | Teochew Lyric String Music

二弦领奏 Lead Erxian: 林莹 Lim Ying, Bena

《浪淘沙》| 潮州弦诗乐

Waves Scouring the Sands | Teochew Lyric String Music
二弦领奏 Lead Erxian: 林莹 Lim Ying, Bena


《画眉跳架》| 潮州小锣鼓
The Dancing Thrush | Teochew Small Gong and Drums

司鼓 Lead Drummer: 高锐楷 Gao Ruikai

唢呐领奏 Lead Suona: 高海 Gao Hai

Programme is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.

11. 《乡情雅韵 湘灵与南华》 Tapestry of Traditions Siong Leng & Nam Hwa_《潮乐专场》南华潮剧社_指挥Conductor_高锐楷Ga

高锐楷 Gao Ruikai

司鼓 Lead Drummer


Siong Leng Musical Association

Siong Leng Musical Association is a recipient of the National Arts Council Major Grant (2022 – 2025).


Established in 1941, Siong Leng owes its success to its late chairman, Mr. Teng Mah Seng. Under his guidance, Siong Leng became an arts company that preserves and promotes Nanyin. Mr. Teng received the Cultural Medallion in 1987 in recognition of his passionate contributions to Nanyin. As Siong Leng’s chairman, he continuously worked to reform and revive Nanyin, revitalising Nanyin by writing new lyrics and music that were livelier and more relatable. With his dedication and perseverance, Nanyin was given a new life.


In 1983, Siong Leng participated in the 37th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod and won third place in the folk solo category with Mr. Teng’s work “Reminiscence”, as well as fourth place in the folk ensemble category with the traditional Nanyin piece “Trotting Horses”.In 2010, Siong Leng took part in the same competition and won the first prize in the folk solo category with Mr. Teng’s work “Facets of Life”.


Siong Leng organised the inaugural Southeast Asia Nanyin Conference in 1977, the International Nanyin Concert & Symposium in 2000, the International Youth Nanyin Concert and Symposium in 2015, as well as the International Youth Nanyin Festival in 2018. To foster and maintain close relations with other Nanyin musicians worldwide and to stay updated on the development of Nanyin, the company actively participates in international Nanyin symposiums across Asia, contributing to the efforts of promoting and developing this ancient art form. Siong Leng has also toured and performed in major cities and countries in Europe, Asia, and the United States of America.


In 2017, Siong Leng was the recipient of the inaugural ‘Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award’, awarded by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. In 2021, Siong Leng was awarded ‘The Stewards of Intangible Cultural Heritage Award’ by the National Heritage Board.

Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble

Established in 2017, Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble is a subsidiary of Nam Hwa Opera. Comprising passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, the Ensemble brings together musicians with a shared interest in Teochew music. Despite their non-professional status, they uphold a commitment to professionalism, striving to present splendid programmes and promote traditional Teochew music to audiences. The Ensemble is dedicated to researching, documenting, creating and presenting cultural programs that embody the distinctive characteristics of Teochew music and culture. Energetic young members share the stage with esteemed senior members. Occasionally, the Ensemble would invite the internationally renowned Teochew music master, Mr Li Xianlie, to guide and teach the members. Always committed to promoting and developing traditional Teochew music while innovating and cultivating talents, Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble takes pride in fostering a favourable artistic environment for Teochew music in Singapore.


Gao Ruikai enrolled in the Jieyang City School of the Arts in 2013 to major in Teochew drumming, training to be a lead drummer under the guidance of Wang Chunpeng. During his studies, he participated in various large-scale programs and competitions, achieving excellent results. In 2016, he was posted to Chaoyang, Guangdong, where he performed in renowned theatres both domestically and internationally. In 2022, he was engaged as the lead drummer of Nam Hwa Opera.

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