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01/09 - 30/09


刘崇增八十华诞 - 十二种胡琴演奏会》

Liu Chong Zeng

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Spanning for more than half a century, Mr. Liu Chong Zeng’s music journey has brought him both around China, as well as 26 different countries. A master of many trades, he was educated by countless luminaries from a young age, having learnt various huqin from Liu Ming Yuan, music theory from Fan Zu Yin, ethnomusicology from Du Ya Xiong, and ethnic huqins from countless folk artists.

Held in celebration of Mr Liu’s 80th birthday, this concert is a huqin kaleidoscope that must not be missed. Showcasing a dazzling array of twelve different huqins, not only will conventional instruments such as the erhu, banhu, and jinghu be showcased, rare ethnic huqins such as the xiqin, maguhu, and ghijak will make an appearance as well. A one of a kind performance, let us embark on a musical journey throughout China, and relive Mr Liu Chong Zeng’s astounding journey together.

9.9.2021 (Thu)


SCCC Auditorium

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【高音板胡】《放风筝》河北民歌 / 刘崇增 编曲

【中音板胡】《中州韵》河南乐曲 / 刘明源 编曲,刘崇增 移植

【二胡】王昭君》黎锦光传谱 / 刘崇增 编曲

【高胡】《旱天雷》严老列 / 刘崇增 编曲

【低音二胡】《二泉映月》华彦钧 作曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

【京胡】《贵妃醉酒》京剧曲牌 / 刘崇增 编曲

【一胡】《山寨》佤族乐曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

【奚琴】《纺织谣》朝鲜族乐曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

【三胡】《阿细跳月》彝族乐曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

【哈密胡】《西域驼铃》维吾尔族乐曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

【马骨胡】《美丽的壮锦》壮族乐曲,麦丁曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

【中胡】《万马奔腾》蒙古乐曲 / 齐宝力高, 刘崇增 编曲

【二胡(齐奏)】《拉沙沙央》马来乐曲 / 刘崇增 编曲

Programme is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.

Soloist, Liu Chong Zeng

A China National First Class Huqin Musician, Liu Chong Zeng was the former concertmaster of the Central Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe in Beijing, and is currently an executive member of the Erhu Society under the auspices of the Chinese Musicians’ Association. After graduating from the Islamic College of Beijing in 1959, he was selected to receive professional training at the Central Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe, where he was trained in huqin performance, music theory and ethnomusicology under luminaries such as Professor Liu Ming Yuan of the China Conservatory of Music. With his outstanding talents, he was soon promoted to the position of concertmaster of the Troupe’s folk music ensemble. An assiduous learner, Liu has accumulated a wide range of expertise and can play over a dozen different Chinese bowed-string instruments, including the erhu, banhu, jinghu, xiqin, yihu, maguhu, and ghijak. In order to further his studies, he has also travelled extensively around China, seeking tutelage from various folk musicians. With decades of experience under his belt, Liu has not only recorded albums, but engaged in composing, writing of education material, as well as research and compilation of historical archives.

Huqin: Liu Chong Zeng, Deborah Siok, Fong Liyang, Zhan Jiahe, Ng Rui Jun, Teh Kai Yin Cheney

Cello: Lee Khiok Hwa, Gan Ying Ying

Dizi: Edmund See Seow Peng

Sheng: Er Chiang Song

Pipa: Chin Yen Chien

Ruan: Wong Wai Kit, Wang Si Yuan

Yangqin: Aw Choon Kiat

Percussion: Teiw Hsien Hean, Chen Kangren

COVID-19 Advisory Measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all staff, performers and audience. This includes but not limited to wearing a mask at all times for all, hand sanitization before and after performance, temperature taking, TraceTogether check-in and observance of social distancing around the concert venue. Failure to comply will result in refusal of entry into the venue.

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