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01/09 - 30/09

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Happy Reunion 《喜相逢》

Dicapella, Resonance and Drum Feng will be coming together to put up a concert featuring traditional, pop, and modern music. In their first ever collaboration, expect a mellifluous as they present their takes on pieces such as 云南回忆, 小放牛 and 春江花月夜.

Soloists from Dicapella and Resonance will also showcase their virtuosity in an array of challenging pieces. The concert will culminate in a coalescence of the three ensembles as they put up a hip arrangement of 喜相逢, which serves as the impeccable definition of a Happy Reunion by everyone.

4.9.2021 (Sat)


SCCC Multipurpose Hall

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Shao Qin Bang | George Gao, arranged by Sherman Lee Le Xuan

Late Autumn | Mu Xiang Lai

Beautiful Jiangnan | Folk Music, arranged by Tan Mizhi, Quan Shiying,

Yu Quanming 

Reminiscences of Yunnan | Liu Xing, arranged by Fan Linfeng


Baba Yetu | Christopher Tin, arranged by Cheong Yi Heng

Your Name Engraved Herein | Crowd Lu, arranged by Steven Kua

Gathering a Rice Harvest in a Mountain Village | Tang Fu

Drum Fiesta | Shen Guo Qin, arranged by Glen Ng

Samba Beat | Glen Ng

SOAR | Glen Ng

Happy Reunion (World Premiere)| Feng Zi Cun, Fang Kun, arranged by Sherman Lee Le Xuan

Programme is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.

Dizi: Ho Bing Hong
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Sheng: Rohan Nanduri 
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Dicapella is a congregation of Singapore’s top award-winning dizi (bamboo flute) soloists and is currently the largest bamboo flute ensemble in South-east Asia. Brought together by their passion for the dizi, the ensemble seeks to spread the joy of music through outreach programmes and concerts targeted at introducing the “family” and “relatives” of bamboo flutes.


Dynamic and versatile, the group’s repertoire extends beyond traditional Chinese music, to include jazz, Chinese pop, western classical and English oldies, among others. The youthful group, with an average age of only 19-years-old, has staged several energetic outreach programmes in heartlands that have been well-received.


Founded in 2013 by a group of dizi enthusiasts, Dicapella has grown from strength to strength, achieving new breakthroughs in their music-making, working with winner of the “Singapore Composer Award” Wang Chen Wei, and Ding Yi Music Company’s composer-in-residence Liu Chang.

Dizi: Ho Bing Hong (Soloist)

Bangdi: Aurane Maisonnave, Tan Yi Qing, Vincent Santoso, Leong Kim Yang

Qudi: Tan Jun Qiang Jonathan, Darren Lin Zi Yi, Tan Yee Yong Clevon, Tan Ming Cong, Teoh Kok Chuan

Dadi: Lim Xiutong Marguerite, Wu Chen Fu, Lee Da Jun, Tan Jia Xuan, Sherman Lee Le Xuan, Low Xiang Hui, Bian Tong

Piano: Ng Ze Wei


DRUM FENG is a Singapore-based award-winning percussion ensemble group that specializes in the usage of both Chinese & Western percussion instruments to perform both traditional Chinese classics as well as their niche in cross-genre and experimental percussion works.


A typical DRUM FENG performance can be described as visually impactful, excellent sounding and just a thrill to experience first-hand from start to finish! They seek to Redefine and Reinvent Chinese Percussion to better connect with their audience and they do so through their unique musical compositions that fully displays their passion, versatility, rapport, and technical ability.


The multi-talented group was officially founded in 2019 with the core team of drummers having already performed together for more than 10 years. As one of three pioneering arts tenants at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, they continue to strive for musical excellence; integrating their drumming philosophy into their works to educate, inspire, engage and entertain in the modern 21st century.


Since inception, DRUM FENG has gone on to stage their first-ever drum concert, “DRUM FENG UNLEASHED”, recorded soundtracks with Warner Brothers for the Hollywood movie, “The Meg” and opened for SCCC’s Spring Reception, the River Hongbao’s CNY Celebration and Esplanade’s Huayi Festival. They recently also released their first music video titled, “SOAR”, an original DRUM FENG composition.

Percussion: Ng Wei Jie, Glen, Quek Li Hui, Qli, Tan Ying Xin, Tay Chiao Rong, Pang Biao Boon, Eugene, Li WeiYi, Tan Jia Min, Mohammad Noor Huzaifah, Cheong Ming Fang

合笙: Resonance

Established in 2011 under the guidance of its Musical Director, Mr Yang Jiwei, 合笙: Resonance is a semi-professional ensemble of sheng (笙)players and is the only one of its kind in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The members, though from various backgrounds and walks of life, are united by their strong love for this Chinese multi-reeded instrument. In fact, although most of the members are still schooling, they have lent their youthful exuberance both to their performance on the sheng and also to the core management and administration of the group.

合笙: Resonance aims to bring to the stage a strong repertoire of both contemporary and traditional pieces across the spectrum. By doing so, it strives not only to enhance the music it performs with the sheng’s unique tones and techniques but also to bring this little-known instrument to greater heights. Most of the members are highly proficient in the gaoyinsheng (高音笙)(soprano range) and some members are also skilled in the chuantongsheng (传统笙)(traditional sheng), zhongyinsheng (中音笙)(alto range) and diyinsheng(低音笙) (bass range). While it aspires to have at least one concert biannually, it will still continue performing on various stages and alongside other performing arts in order to inspire and influence appreciation of the sheng.

Sheng: Rohan Nanduri (Soloist)

Gaoyin Sheng: Kua Chin Tong, Chin Yi Xian, Cindy Yang Sin Yu

Zhongyin Sheng: Cai Xiaohan, Cheng Ho Kwan Kevin, Vincent Tan Eng Kiat

Cizhongyin Sheng: Tham Ki Yee 

Diyin Sheng: Cheong Yiheng

Chuantong Sheng: Yang Jiwei

Percussion: Chua Zhe Xuan

COVID-19 Advisory Measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all staff, performers and audience. This includes but not limited to wearing a mask at all times for all, hand sanitization before and after performance, temperature taking, TraceTogether check-in and observance of social distancing around the concert venue. Failure to comply will result in refusal of entry into the venue.