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Singapore Conference Hall
SCO Concert Hall

The Singapore Conference Hall is a multipurpose building located in the heart of the financial district of Shenton Way in Downtown Core of Singapore. The first building to be constructed along Shenton Way, it was a place for conferences and exhibitions in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, it is refurbished and modernized into a concert hall, home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2001. The building is situated on a three-acre site at the junction of Shenton Way and Maxwell Road. Map


Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium / MPH

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre collaborates with arts and cultural groups and community partners to promote and develop local Chinese culture. Through engaging and accessible content, we hope to nurture greater appreciation of our multi-cultural identity and a stronger sense of belonging. Map


China Cultural Centre

The China Cultural Centre consists of a variety of units, including exhibition halls, theatres, libraries and classrooms. The center is a platform for diverse cultural activities.It offers courses in Chinese, dance and martial arts all year round. Teachers with experience are invited from China to help the Mauritian people by teaching language and culture, dance and martial arts. Map

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