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Stringanza, yIN Harmony, Z3nith Ensemble, Nen Ensemble, A Bigger Bang Percussion






Z3nith Ensemble 嵘筝团



Z3nith Ensemble & Outram Secondary School 欧南中学:陈净茹,陈筱茜,番苑蓉,高炜证,侯燕霓,刘子悦,卢凯玥,王雯萱,王鑫怡,吴思涵,武晓玉,叶励仪,叶斯帖,余耀萱,郑巧钰


《蝶》Migiwa 曲

《Despacito》Luis Rodriguez, Erika Ender 曲

Z3nith Ensemble嵘筝团 & 蔡依廷,陈秀慧,陈优雅,林靖轩,谢学颀,曾靖奕

Stringanza 弦思胡琴四重奏

演奏:高胡/二胡 : 林炯文,二胡/中胡 : 廖玮琳 ,黄瑞浚,大提琴 : 曾宇翔

《FFVI OST – Decisive Battle》Nobuo Uematsu 曲 / Lim Kwuan Boon 编曲

《FFX OST – Suteki Da Ne》Nobuo Uematsu 曲 / Lim Kwuan Boon 编曲

《Chrono Cross OST Medley》Yasunori Mitsuda曲 / Lim Kwuan Boon编曲



Nen 念

演奏:扬琴: Ngo Lik Tze Patrick,古筝:Chia Cam Meng Johnny,二胡:Xin Zonghua Darrel,笛子:Tan Jun Qiang Jonathan,Electric Bass: Yang Xi Clement,Keyboard: Luar Xue Ling Jelene,Percussion: Lim Joachim Theodore

《秋雨》Nen 曲

《在那遥远的地方》王洛宾 曲 / Nen 编曲

《空城计》Nen 编曲

yIN Harmony 『和』乐队

演奏:小提琴 -翁楷凌,钢琴 - 吕恒,打击乐 -巫崇玮,笛子 - 陈庆伦,Malay Drum: Jeffries Natawate Bin Maydha Maenlekah,Accordion: Muhammad Firdaus Bin Mohamad,Bansuri: Ghanavenothan Retnam

《Kampung Dance》Qinglun Tan 曲

《水中月》(首演) Dayn Ng, LuHeng 曲

《Kampung Earth》Kailin Yong 曲

《yIN Harmony》Dayn Ng, LuHeng 曲

A Bigger Bang Percussion 敲棒集团


《打通》京剧锣鼓 / 王建华整理

《啦呱》山西降州鼓乐团 / A Bigger Bang Percussion, Doraiswamy Rajagopal, Ridwan Bin Ramli 编曲

演奏:A Bigger Bang Percussion & Mridangam/Kanjira: Doraiswamy Rajagopal (Temple of Fine Arts)

Rebana - Ridwan Bin Ramli (NADI Singapura)



Concert program is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.



Envisioning a Chinese String Quartet in Singapore, Stringanza was spontaneously formed by four friends in 2009. It showcases the Chinese two-stringed fiddle, Erhu and its variations, Gaohu and Zhonghu, playing alongside a Western Cello. Each fiddle varies in their tone quality and pitch resulting in an eclectic blend of sonority and timbre unique to the quartet.

Simply for the love of playing together, Stringanza works towards making the arts accessible to the community. Since then, Stringanza has taken on different platforms to engage different audiences locally. Always keen to explore new platforms and performance concepts, Stringanza's outreach efforts include performances at the Esplanade Concourse, National University of Singapore (NUS), Gardens by the Bay, St. John's Home for the elderly, Asian Civilisations Museum, Ulu Pandan Community Club and many more.

In the recent years, Stringanza has been actively recording and producing music videos to further supplement the quartet’s usual outreach performances.


念 (pronounced as “Nen’” in Japanese) is an extremely versatile character, meaning either thought or speech. By adding an appropriate character to it, all levels of thoughts can express from the basic to the metaphysical, or even spiritual. The character was adapted as the name of the band as we realized that we engage all types of Nen while we compose and listen to music.

Nen comprises of 3 local musicians with a dream to produce the sounds they have been hearing in their heads. Despite majoring in traditional Chinese instruments, other western instruments can also be seen in their hands. With their musical creations and the belief that music has no boundaries, Nen wishes to connect to the audience with a wide range of music consisting of different genres.

Playing a part in contributing to the conservation and development of chinese music, Nen has been actively inheriting and propagating the art by putting what we have learnt throughout the years into arranging works based on traditional pieces and new compositions of our own.

yIN Harmony


z3nith Ensemble


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