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Reverberance 回响
  • ​《金蛇狂舞宝塔街》王辰威 曲

  • 《冰火塔》  Eric Watson 曲

  • 《金龙舞》  黄志耀 曲

Dicapella Dizi Ensemble

  • 《诗哲梦》  Sulwyn Lok 曲

  • 《盛夏光年》  刘畅 曲

  • 《爱尔兰小调》  Sherman Lee Le Xuan 编曲

Concert program is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.


15.2.1 Conductor 1 - 笛子学会,笙协会,回响,合笙,DiCa


15.2.2 Conductor 2 - 笛子学会,笙协会,回响,合笙,DiCa



Established in 2011, Resonance 合笙 is a semi-professional sheng ensemble and is the only one of its kind in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The ensemble consists of individuals with diverse strengths and talents. Some of the ensemble’s members have also gone on to win prizes in the biennial Singapore National Chinese Music Competition, the most prestigious local competition for traditional Chinese instrumentalists. Our members, though from various backgrounds and walks of life, are united by their strong love and passion for this Chinese reed instrument.

Resonance 合笙 is under the guidance of our Music Director, Mr Yang Jiwei, Assistant Music Director, Mr Cheng Ho Kwan Kevin and Instructor, Mr Vincent Tan Eng Kiat.

Dicapella Dizi Ensemble

Dicapella Dizi Ensemble is Singapore’s award-winning bamboo flute ensemble. First of its kind in Singapore and the largest in South-East Asia, the ensemble has won the Gold Award (Professional Ensemble Category) in the recent China West Lake International Youth Music Festival. Many of its musicians are also multiple award-winners of the National Chinese Music Competition.

Founded in 2013, the ensemble has been invited to perform at the China ASEAN Music Week 2016 in Guangxi, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and the Singapore Dizi Festival. Closer to home, Dicapella has collaborated and staged multiple well-received productions, including SG50: Dicapella Goes 50-50 (supported by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth), Arts In Your Neighbourhood (supported by the National Arts Council) and the PAssion Arts Festival (supported by People’s Association).

Aimed at the growth and development of Dizi performance in Singapore, Dicapella is relentless in its efforts to raise the local Dizi performance standards. Apart from conducting classes for enthusiasts of various levels, the ensemble regularly organizes masterclasses by visiting Dizi professors as well as educational outreach programs. Through its partnership with various institutions, the ensemble has created multiple opportunities for its musicians to gain exposure at the national and international stage.

Reverberance 回响

Reverberance is a Wind Percussion ensemble consisting of top awards winning youthful local musicians. Many of them are Masters Graduates with support from National Arts scholarships. As alma maters of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), they came together with similar goal of promoting different genres of music and also to explore the possibilities of the ensemble. Reverberance will excite and energize our audiences with burning passion and love for the traditional art.As a relatively new ensemble, Reverberance consists of members with a common dream of making music together and also giving back to the society. Apart from pursuing their interest in making music, they also see much potential in developing music within the community, in particular with the senior citizens and silver population.

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